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Math Game to

Innovation Skills

We host math festivals in schools, libraries, community events, and more.

We use math games to help develop innovation skills for both volunteers and participants.

Math is Everywhere...

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What did the parents say?

Our family loved your Math Game Festival! Thank you so much for this opportunity. My son is a kindergartener, and taking 1st grader's RSM. He is not a big fun of school math class (too easy), to be honest, but he really enjoyed your Math Game Festival. We are so happy that you will host regular math festivals!

Thanks for a great event! We'd like to participate in more math and science events.

This event is so fun. Both of my kids. (K & 4th grade loves it) Wish we can do this event more frequently. And maybe longer time if possible.

I hope the kids in charge could ask some visiting children to give others a turn. Some kids like to play the same puzzle for a long time, advancing to higher levels or winning the Quoridor again and again. When there are others waiting, it’d be great if the organizer can set a limit.

Thank you for organizing this event. My kid enjoyed it a lot!

We want to thank you for arranging this festival. We appreciate the efforts taken to ensure successful Math game festival. We look forward to attending such festivals again in the future.

Thank you so much for your efforts ,it was perfect.

Thank you for organizing this event. My kid enjoyed it a lot!

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